FacilityLive Graduate Programme F.A.Q.

Is FacilityLive Graduate Programme an internship or a master course?

No, it isn’t. Our Graduate Programme is a full-time recruitment with an open ended contract that begins with a training on the job in which you will discover the company and its culture and innovative technology.

How long does the training period last?

There isn’t a specific duration, since from day one you will be hired full time and will work with our research and development units. After about 40 days of classes about our company and its culture and technology the actual training on the job period will start. At the end of it you will choose the unit that fits your ambitions most.

Is the training only theory?

No, it isn’t. The programme will mostly be practical because you will be trained by expert colleagues in your everyday work. A short theory introduction will be necessary to acquire the basic knowledge to work with our technology.

Will I work in the Unit I chose while applying?

In the application form we asked you to express a preference, that you will be able to confirm or not at the end of the training period when you will choose the unit that you like most.

How does the interview process work?

Starting from November you will be interviewed by our FLievers to test your competences and aptitude.

Where is the workplace?

The workplace is in our Headquarters in Pavia, but there are also many opportunities to live international experiences.

For more information please write to careers@facilitylive.com