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Our back-end Unit is focused on building and evolving our core engine, working primarily in Java, they handle a complex and ever-evolving cloud of microservices, experimenting all kind of cutting edge technologies.


Our Front-End Unit has two different souls, one focused on the continuous expansion of a low-level architecture that guarantees the highest flexibility and reliability to our interfaces, and one that integrates these building blocks into what our user base manipulates, engaging with issues pertaining UX, accessibility and performance.


Our Product Analysts translate the intuitions of the markets and the many people working on the front line to something practical and, on top of that, a detailed plan on how to do that. They are constantly working side-by-side with people from other Unit looking for the most optimal solution.

Quality Assurance

We believe that it is not feasible to show up at the end of the development to greenlight everything, because this doesn’t guarantee the quality we require, especially in a complex environment like ours. Instead, our Quality Assurance team embraces the whole life-cycle of the product and becomes one of the technical owners of the product.


Our DevOps work in the Outer Architecture team. On top of automating the whole development process, being in charge of its continuous delivery, they handle the intelligence the drives our data centres.

In our Infrastructure team live both the Information Management and the Security side of the company. Most of the activities are tied to our need for hardware, in the form of data centres and laboratories, and both monitoring and scouting them. Next to these activities is what pertains the safety of our networks, our code and, on occasion, of our internal network.

Under Operations, you can find a variety of Unit that has the ultimate goal to make everything run properly between the technological and the business sides of FacilityLive. The challenge is branching often in uncharted territories and regulate them, or interact with a variety of skills and processes and make quick sense of them.

Internal Services
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