Junior DevOPS Developer

The DevOps methodology aims to speed up and strengthen the entire software life cycle, starting from its development (DEV) up to its release in production (OPS) involving all the teams and the intermediate phases.

The aim is to create a virtuous circle between execution speed, process reliability and immediate feedback, so as to generate greater confidence in introducing changes in a controlled manner.

What requirements are necessary to work in the DevOps area?

  • Graduates or graduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering
  • Knowledge, also at an academic level, of the main technologies and the main programming languages ​​(Gophers, Python & Java lovers wanted!)
  • Passion for innovative technologies and cloud solutions.
  • Looking for opportunities for professional growth within a team with diversified skills, alongside experts in cutting-edge technologies
  • Attitude to team work or familiarity with Agile Development methodologies